Here are a few of the resources I find myself recommending to clients again and again. 

Dive into your own healing.


Mentality and Thought Patterns

Louise Hay’s You can Heal your Life is a powerful tool for stepping out of the victim role and into being a creator for your own life. I highly recommend her reading her own audio book. She has been through more than most of us and come out shining like a jewel. Get it on Amazon here.

Listen again and again. I’ve listened to it countless times during difficult periods in my life. Each time I make new discoveries. Whether you are experiencing chronic physical pain, depression, or even cancer, this paradigm shift can help! There is also an audio study guide here

Though I think the somatic (body) aspect is essential for a complete healing, the mental game is also essential. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a practice that has helped hundreds of thousands, and much of it due to Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. If you actually go through this and do the thought tracking worksheets, you’ll gain newfound power to catch your unconscious thought cycles and stop them in their tracks.

Vision is profoundly linked to our health and our way of BEING. If you have any issues at all around vision, especially if they started early, I highly recommend Take off your Glasses and See by Jacob Liberman. You can find it on Amazon here. I distinctly remember having a profound awakening experience while I was reading it in the course of a difficult break up, when I began to link my vision to my life circumstances.  I’ve ready many books on this and this seems to be the most practical that I’ve read.

I also recommend my own books: The Flow Training Manual first and the Flow into Joy Journeybook as a companion workbook. These are the distillation of much learning and life experience over the years. I’ll introduce you to many topics and other resources in those books as well, which you can explore if the chapters resonate. You’ll also learn a lot about me in the Flow Training Manual. You can get the Journeybook perfect bound paperback on Amazon or as a spiral bound (which I recommend) on Lulu HERE.

Byron Katie’s phenomenal approach to questioning every assumption we have (assumptions which make us miserable), is exemplified in her book Loving What Is. She calls her work, aptly, THE WORK.

You can play with it for free at her website here. If you’re stuck on an issue, or having trouble in a relationship, go through the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and feel the cool flood of release.

In Zero LimitsJoe Vitale becomes the disciple of an eccentric Hawaiian shaman healer Dr. Hew Len, who teaches that we can heal any issue in our lives with a simple prayer. A powerful, paradigm shifting book, about an eccentric shaman healer and the miracles and breakthroughs that often occurred in his wake.

My favorite book on how the energetic system intersects with the physical and emotional body is still Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline MyssIf you’re curious about how blockages in your chakras may be affecting your physical body or emotional life, or how your thoughts may have consequences in your body, you may enjoy this.

Want to find the overarching meaning in your own Hero’s Journey? I highly recommend Joseph Campbell’s the Power of Myth television program, which also comes across beautifully in the audio format. This just has the power to open up consciousness regarding many things in our own psyche and the world and culture we’ve created.


When I ask clients what they feel, they often respond with a thought. In our culture, thought is given primacy in many ways. Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg. is a powerful resource to help you get in touch with your feelings and needs.


If you’re interested in researching the science behind trauma and how it works (and is released) by the body, you may enjoy Peter Levine’s In an Unspoken Voice. He also has a practical Somatic Experiencing intro book called Healing TraumaI suggest the paperback or audio book because it comes with guided audio meditations you can use to help become more aware of your body (which is the key to trauma release).

David Berceli has a method of releasing trauma by having it vibrate through the psoas. You’ll often experience this vibration in sessions with me, and it is written about by Peter Levine a lot and me as well in Flow. You can get The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process on Amazon.

Or just watch this video on his process…



The most practical and intensive way I know to get in touch with your body and release trauma, gain mental clarity, and experience more joy generally (eventually) is by scanning your body and clearing your mind for 10 days straight. What?

It is a tradition that is thousands of years old and purported to be the original teachings of the Buddha. Another great thing about it is that these priceless retreats include lodging, food, and the practice and are entirely donation-based. After the 10th day, you give what you feel you can.

The Vipassana is quickly gaining popularity again as it has recently been brought to violent prisons with excellent results. Register for your 10 day Vipassana retreat here… There are locations all over the country and world. During the 10 days, you take the noble vow of silence, as well as surrendering your cell phone, and refraining from reading or writing. So it is the most powerful digital detox that I know of.

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