Healing and Transformational Services (Sarasota, Florida)  

I consult and co-create with individual clients around these themes: 

  • Relationship healing. Create a new relationship or reframe / heal an old one by clearing the debris from your body and mind while inviting your best self into the equation more and more. I also support in dating and using dating profiles productively, while coaching around communication during the dating stage. 

  • Emotional or physical trauma healing. Loss, bereavement, separation, life transitions, injuries. (Broken hearts and broken bones). 

  • Disease dissolution. Breaking the bonds of disease through somatic, emotional and dietary work. Discover what is at the root of your 'illness' and nothing is impossible. 
  • Leadership. Which I define as becoming the fullest, most alive version of yourself, by engaging in your passions, and clearing old trauma, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I use original somatic strategies and a host of other modalities. 
  • Marketing and Branding. Finding your authentic voice and building your personal brand, by spreading it across resonant technologies (web and social media, in-person, etc). Strategizing to ptimize everything you do and deliver. Including high-end graphic design solutions.  

  • Creativity Coaching. Rediscovering passion. Getting things done. Creating the best work of your life. This includes visual, musical, and written work. Supporting in writing uninhibited books around your passion is a passion of mine. 

 Most of my engagements include a handful of the above.

I work remotely for some items, and the most powerful life changes come through my unique in-person somatic work, which is life changing and delivered in Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding areas. I can also travel, if it is built into a custom proposal. 

The first step is to schedule your complimentary initial conversation here. Let's write the next chapter of your life. 

Looking forward. 

Steven Budden 

PS. I seem to excel where others have failed, and my most powerful work is done in-person, in a series of graduated meetings, culminating in a deeper experience of aliveness and layers of personal 'awakening.' 

Bloom Model for Individual Consulting