NOW DELIVERING: radical breakthroughs across Sonoma County.

Creativity, clarity, intimacy, effectiveness, and leadership will all improve dramatically as we physically clear emotional and physiological blockages. 

These blockages, if left untended, severely limit life potential, or manifest as a disease or chronic pattern.

If you are successful and need a shift in perspective, greater fulfillment, healing, a relationship adjustment, or any breakthrough, this approach becomes the bridge to what is possible. 

This approach will:

  • Catalyze higher levels of productivity, success, and fulfillment. 
  • Shave years or months off of your timeline for achievement of your goals.
  • Support you in creating more clarity and ultimately fulfillment along your life path. 
  • Positively impact the most important areas of your life, including business, intimacy, and vitality.

The radical strategies I use have been tested time and time again in various capacities, on various people, in various walks of life. They have proven themselves remarkably effective across contexts. Advanced meditators that I've worked have told me that this is a 'short cut to enlightened states of being.'

These tools work to heal in the wake of broken hearts, bereavement, loss, infidelity. They are equally effective for relationship patterns, depression, anxiety, lack of drive, diseases of all kinds. 

It doesn't matter what your challenge has been named; we will orchestrate a massive shift, healing, breakthrough. 

Break through by zeroing in on what 99% of consultants, coaches, therapists, facilitators, (and people) miss. 

The subtle ways you're using your body and mind in any given moment profoundly affect your performance and how you feel. We'll use this knowledge to orchestrate radical solutions and anchor in LASTING CHANGE. 

This approach is not for everyone. It can be as intense as it is illuminating. During some meetings, we will combine therapeutic touch with directed conversation, to dislodge deeply-held patterns. 

If you put yourself through the stages, your perspective will shift. Your outcomes will improve dramatically.

Unlike most approaches, we will be working at the layers of BEING (rather than doing). 

Many are intrigued by this process. Few are willing (or able) to engage at this level. 

Warning: While enhancing your leadership and creative potential, there will be side effects: the evolution of relationships, clearer, more authentic communication, increased personal magnetism, a balancing of desires, and a deepening of intimacy.

"Your power is a function of the rate at which you translate intention into reality." Werner Erhard

We're going to be speed up the rate of translation, by removing or reframing the self-imposed obstructions.

My name is Steven Budden.

I'm the founder of Budden Enterprises, a radical solutions consultant, and a life enhancement expert... but what my work is really about is freedom. 

The freedom to show up as your true self. 

I've combined unique life experiences, in-depth training, and intensive research to create an organic system that is the most direct path to your most fulfilled, effective self. I orchestrate quantum leaps for people, and thereby organizations. 

"You will experience major break throughs and your life will change.  It is not easy in the moment. You will become a more succinct version of yourself, which ultimately brings deep, satisfying peace.”
-Tamara Albaitis, San Francisco, California.

Welcome to the possible.  

“Shaman, magician, healer. I have never felt so much joy in the unraveling of self! Each session is so beautifully crafted and designed specifically for you. He is undeniably among the amazing few chosen to heal.”
-Tony Demartile, Co Founder Solé Salon & Spa AVEDA, Emeryville, California

launch the process now by letting us know a little about the project(s) you're requiring support with. 

“It is both blazingly simple and obvious how working with Steven has made my life better, improved my well-being, and made me a happier person.
Benefits: Processing 40+ years of emotions to be able to move consciousness into a present-oriented awareness, accepting myself a great deal more and sharing myself with others in ways that lead to greater understanding and provide more happiness and joy; completing my long-held intention of writing and publishing a book. 
And on and on, NOW, the key difference with Steven is:  I did not exercise willpower to accomplish any of those states of being.”
Mike Shur, Executive Consultant
“Every second with Steven has been pure healing. I have had fifteen years of difficult and painful illnesses and emotional struggles; I’ve been to doctors and healers and yogis and medicine men and nothing has had the impact that just a few sessions with Steven has had.
-Brian Bugh, Product Developer, San Francisco, California.

The Sustainability Difference.

Somatic breakthroughs are anchored into your BEING. These epiphanies, sometimes simple and obvious; other times earth-shattering... instantly become part of who you are. 




  1. of or relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

It's the difference between knowing something intellectually and experiencing it as TRUTH. This process allows the body to catch up with the mind, by viscerally anchoring in 'what you always knew'. In that way, the pathway opens, and dramatic shifts occur in life soon after the breakthrough. 

"Since working with StevenI've launched my first high-end program and am working with some amazing, inspiring women. I've met a wonderful man that I've started dating (after 2 1/2 years of being really, really, really single), and I feel like I'm forming a lot more close relationships in my life.

I'm feeling the walls I've had up for my whole life begin to come down.

Without Steven, so much of what I'm experiencing now wouldn't be possible."

-Anastasia Netri, Transformational Coach for World Changing Women, Dublin, California

Clients have used this approach to:  

  • Navigate Ambitious or Difficult Transitions (work or personal) 
  • Catalyze Changes in Chronically Stuck Systems
  • Transform (or complete) Difficult or Stagnant Relationships
  • Resolve Incomplete Emotional Patterns that are Limiting Effectiveness and Joy
  • Reclaim Fulfillment and Happiness along various tiers of Achievement and Success
  • Reclaim the power of authentic, clear communication
  • Find the Clarity to Strategize regarding the Big Picture
  • Break through creative barriers
  • Return to Alignment or Integrity after a Lapse
  • Discover the next phase of the journey

What will you create? 

Bloom™ Consultation. 

We prefer to begin every consulting relationship with an initial, in-depth consultation / conversation / exploration, so that we can:

  • gather relevant information for your success 
  • hone in on the location of conscious and unconscious obstacles
  • strategize a clear direction for moving forward
  • implement new ways of relating to yourself and your body
  • orchestrate a demonstration of the process, so you get a sense of how profoundly it will impact your endeavors
  • ascertain your level of resonance with me and the process  
  • assess readiness for the necessary breakthrough(s) 

Are you ready to move forward?  

We will reply soon with further questions or to schedule our initial consultation. 

Evolutionary leaps, delivered. ™

“Steven’s regression and re-patterning sessions helped me address the most powerful blocks I had incurred throughout my life. Never have I been able to go so deep into my shadow or entrust anyone with that dark part of me until Steven began working with me. His ability to guide transformation is borderline genius.
Mari McRoberts, Purchasing Manager at Excelsior SuperFoods