You are living in the past. Wherever you are... whatever you're doing, you're only partially present. The rest of you is somewhere else, with someone else, trying in vain to close an unclosed loop. This is the source of most of your suffering. Most people are unaware of this, and so focus their efforts in the wrong direction, with results that are inevitably limited. 

While this dynamic is running, no matter how fulfilling life seems like it should be, it feels like something is incomplete. 

That's where I come in.

I am Steven Budden, president of Budden Enterprises, life enhancement expert, and creator of the Bloom Model, a radical strategy for orchestrating dramatic transformations. I work with people who are passionate about their growth and evolution; who have reached a level of success in life, and are eager for the next level of living fully. What my work is really about is freedom; the freedom to break free of the past and live as your best self. The freedom to do what you came here to do, and, more importantly, to be what you came to be. And this process also leads to greater understanding of the self and others, and deeper intimacy, so what this work is also about, is love. 

Do you know where you're bound up in the past? Chances are, you have clues. Is your heart still broken from all of those years ago? Or have you yet to forgive the one that robbed you of your light? Usually, where we think we are stuck is not exactly where the issue really is. It's beautiful that you've made it this far in life, and have created so much. Now it is time to step into your highest expression, by removing these blockages at the root. 

Usually, when I work with clients, I find that, though they've undertaken any number of strategies for enhancing the quality of their lives, the core, the root, has somehow, despite all intention, remained untouched. In order to dramatically enhance the quality of life, and catalyze real change, we need a way to process many of these unclosed loops at once, in the most effective way possible. Its not possible to go in through each memory, because they are multifaceted and mutilayered. We simply need to allow the body to remember this process for itself... To enter the origin story, and process - reframe whatever we find there. Many ancient mindfulness systems, and a few contemporary therapeutic systems touch on pieces of this approach, however they only offer limited results (as you've probably noticed). 

This is different. 

First of all, let me give you an overview, with some clues you can use right away as you look back on your life, to break free of whatever is holding you back. 

When something shocking occurs, we go away (partially or fully), as a protective measure, so that we can get through the event intact. It could be an emotional or a physical shock, however subtle the catalyst. We are each different, and stimuli effect us each in unique ways. So we leave our bodies during these moments, and a piece of us remains in that memory, at that point in time. I don't know how else to say it, but that is generally a helpful heuristic. In shamanism, this is taken literally, and soul retrieval practices are undergone, in order to retrieve this missing piece of the self. 

We've gotten through the original shock, and adjusted our lives accordingly, so as to 'live with' whatever the experience was. Our posture is different. Our voice is different. Our outlook of the world is different. However, this is not the end of the story. Our body, our unconscious, stores the event away for future processing. Its there in your cells in vivid technicolor, Retina display. There'll be no true moving on without going back and tying up loose ends. 

This process lays the groundwork for the most dramatic transformations possible. It is touching into the true depths of what it means to be a human being. Leading people on this journey is my calling in life; so I founded Budden Enterprises to facilitate orchestrating these experiences. 

How did it come to this?

It happened many years ago. While studying various traditions and mindfulness practices, I'd laid the groundwork for an awakening. And that awakening occurred, as it often does, at the most random, inopportune moment. I was walking down a beach with my father, and a woman ran by, leaving footprints in her wake. When a wave washed in, it swept away her footprints, and I was a changed man. The completeness of the moment was realized. I needed nothing. I had everything. 

I didn't know how to contain that experience. Though it never left, it also slipped away over time. I needed a somatic anchor. A few years later, I broke my neck in an ocean wave, and was hurtled down another life path. The ocean became the manifestation of the guiding principle; the principle that ushers us back toward our truth. 

I realized that all of my mental acrobatics were nothing, if not paired with the body. As soon as I began to deepen my exploration of healing the body, my limited definitions of the body and the mind exploded, and my practice blossomed. The body was not the prison of the soul, but a manifestation of all of our experiences and belies. The mind body separation is a myth. A blockage in one necessarily manifests in the other. As I experienced these paradigm shifts, dramatic healing happened. Love patterns shifted. I found my purpose, and let go of the illusions that I'd been chasing my whole life. It felt like freedom, and I took a breath, a full breath, for the first time. 

In healing the bones, I was guided to the somatic avenue, and that made all of the difference. Once you're on that path, you're at least in the right universe. Humans are embodied. There is no way around the fact. As I studied and practiced body-based modalities, I found, to my surprise actually, that when I touched people, sometimes even just looked at them, emotions were set loose. Memories arose. For instance, I could touch your shoulder, and memories of a parent pulling you as a toddler might surface, along with all of the accompanying baggage about that particular parent, and the threads of thought beneath that. IT doesn't always occur that smoothly, though sometimes it does. Sometimes, we scour the language, the posture for clues. So I realized that the body contains a precise record of everything we've ever experienced, even if the mind had suppressed it, or we've forgotten it. 

That realization is a life changing experience, in and of itself (one which I can demonstrate to you), because after that type of awareness settles in, we make different decisions about what we choose to take on in life. Violent imagery makes less sense. However, the most mind blowing, mystical and practical piece of the equation was the fact that clearing out these unresolved loops, this stagnant emotional energy, created more dramatic life shifts than anything else the person had tried, in almost every case. 

This unresolved energy, these incomplete events are what keep us tethered into the past. Clearing them out allows us to meet the present moment with our whole body. And to love more completely. Access our unique gifts. Express more completely. Most people experience a surge of gratitude for life, naturally flowing love, increased emotional intelligence, creativity that is seemingly boundless. Many make love fully for the first time, or experience the falling away of an addiction. 

For now, you'll have to take my word for it, and the words of clients. I've posted some testimonials on my site. Truly, this work can only be experienced. These words are simply the translation of an experience. Find the words that resonate. Find your way in. 

This is not the only way to your best self, in my experience, but it is the most direct. Nothing else will give you as dramatic of results in such a short timeframe. So, if you decide to take other avenues, you may still be moving in the direction of unfolding, opening, living more fully. However,  you'll be decades in before you see much progress. Research time is needed. There will be false starts. Detours. betrayals. And finally, an effective strategy, designed to work on your issues over many years, at great cost of financial resources and, even more, time. 

I encourage you to consider a more direct path, so that you can redirect your attention to where it is needed most. Your life is waiting to be lived. People are here to be loved. You need to create and deliver what you came here to create and deliver. 

That's why I created Bloom. For people like you. To get you from where you are, to where you need to be, within the shortest timeframe possible. To stop living at the fringes of your potential, and to bloom into what you really are. 

Clients breaking free of chronic patterns that had plagued hhem for decades is commonplace here. Diseases heal concurrently with this process. Broken hearts mend, and relationships deepen. In just takes laying the groundwork, a process of deeducation, and an exploration of the body and mind through conversation and somatic practices. 

What's this thing that sounds so miraculous?

I orchestrate dramatic breakthroughs and awakenings by discovering exactly where you are stuck, in your body and your mind, and bringing that into conscious awareness, allowing your system to fully process sensations and emotions that arise. We locate assumptions that are limiting the life experience, and erode those through postural adjustment, touch, and conversation. 

After sessions, clients have changed career courses entirely, relocated, fallen back in love with their partners, taken on new levels of creativity, founded businesses after years of hesitation, written epic books, touched their intuitive core. I'm curious about what you will do?

I've taken essentially the same approach with every client, shifting the order somewhat, based on response. It is not a protocol, so much as a system designed to recreate life from the ground up, dismantle dsmpowering stories, and activate another layer of the energetic anatomy. Some people carry their issues here or there in their body or mind, or they are more committed to carrying something here or there in their mind. 

Is there a catch of some kind?

No, but there are some considerations. While this is the most effective system in the world for orchestrating experiences of awakening, it has a few limitations, which I want to be forthright about. 

For the deepest processing possible, I must deliver the system, at least in part, to individuals, in one to one meetings, via radical, body-based consulting. This is a benefit in that the work is custom tailored to the moment and the individual. It is a detriment in the sense that I can only deliver it to a limited number of people in this lifetime, due to location, energy, etc. I generally leverage the system by delivering the fundamental principles in a group dynamic, and then working with individuals int he context of that system. 

Because of the intense nature of this work, it can be uncomfortable. People don't elect to go through this process for comfort, but for results. Once the results begin to manifest, they are so plain as to inspire further engagement. Even those that say that are impervious to pain feel deeply during this process, because we go directly to what needs to be felt most. If there were nothing there, there would be no issue. If youve been closed off emotionally, which some women and many men have, this is a path back to opening. 

Meetings are often longer than the ubiquitous, arbitrary hour, because it takes longer durations to break down the conscious resistance, and to quiet the mind. Once we enter the space, the transformation is free to occur. 


The Bloom Model will shift your life, more fundamentally than any other system or approach, from the level of being and experience. So that you can enjoy whatever you already have, or do. So that you can let go of whatever you have or do that is no longer fulfilling. And so you can create your future based on an inherent knowledge of your path that arises out of the wisdom that comes from clearing the debris.

If this does not sound like a fit, please continue onward, and enjoy your wild and epic life. 

If you would benefit from this, and you are curious about proceeding, please consider... 

I only work with men and women who are over the age of 35. The work, as I deliver it, makes the most sense in the context of people who have moved beyond their youth and are seeking deeper levels of fulfillment. 

If you're not ready for life to shift, don't apply. This system is for those who desire to transform their most basic patterns in short timeframes. Its not my job to convince you about why you need to make the changes you need to make; I simply support in the process, once the decision has been made. Once we begin the process, life will shift. Guaranteed. 

Because of the intense nature of this work, significant fees apply. If you are not willing or able to invest in yourself at this time, please don't apply. Significant fees also correlate with more dramatic results, as the investment is symbolic of the intention to shift. 

If you're looking for a short cut or magic bullet, please don't apply. Again, this is the most direct path you will find. A few months of this work can be the equivalent of years of meditation, falling in and out of unfulfilling relationships, and the accompanying therapy. However, it does not bypass anything. It still requires objectively seeing your own life, and processing emotions, etc. 

Are you ready for your Bloom? 

Please see the details below. Set the wheels of change in motion, and look forward to the next chapter of your life. 


Steven Budden