Welcome to the week of VITALITY!

You may want to refresh by reading the Play Section in the Bloom Manifesto

Vitality is a broad reaching concept, so I'm going to distill the ideas that I think will make the most dramatic impact to your life, in the shortest possible timeframe. 

Be warned; ideas will be challenged. 

In this introduction, I'll be going more deeply into the dietary principles for healing. Vitality implies healing whatever is between you and vitality now. We're going to do this by continually redefining disease, and then redefining nourishment. 

Nourishment is fraught with emotion. You may be angry, wounded, frustrated, sad as you listen. That is ok. I recommend you track your experiences in the Presence Tracking Worksheet in the Flow into Joy Journeybook, to bring them to the surface, so they do not master you from the shadows. 

If you can begin to apply what I show you here, diligently, or in whatever way you can, you'll be on a fast track to vitality. Some of us take slow tracks, as I did. 

Love and Vitality,