The Story of Your Life

You are a constellation of stories, aching to be told.

In working with clients over the last 6 years or so, I've heard some of the most heart-wrenching, inspiring, beautiful stories of my life. Stories of climactic climbs and calamitous falls. Stories that illustrate how wide the world truly is. 

You've been wounded, shattered, broken, and now, through this alchemical process that we've stumbled upon, those breaks in your heart are where the light is getting through. You now walk through this sacred, precious, maddening world as an awakening elder, seared with scars.

It's time to tell your story...

The origins of this

As I sat on the beach and watched the waves tumble up onto the sand, I asked myself and the ocean a simple question. How can I spread this process of moving from tears of pain to tears of joy, of expansion, of evolution, that has thus far been such a private, intimate communion between clients and I? 

And I heard the answer, clear as day: 

"You're not going to spread it... they are."


Your story is evidence of a archetypal dance with a world in chaos. 

Your wounds and your healing have and can and will inspire others to deepen their own life experience, and to transcend their own wounds, as you continue to do. 

You've seen the shadow few have seen. Because of your particular sensitivities and your gifts, your eyes and your mind have seen the subtle mechanics underlying creation; because of your unique perspective, you've seen colors that are beyond description. You've gathered evidence that the world is mad and evidence that the world is rich. And your perspective is what the world needs most now. 

I've only glimpsed your story in fragments, and I've been nearly blinded by the power and the sheer brilliance of it. I feel so grateful for having glimpsed that light. Now I am drawing it out a little further. 

I'm reaching out to you in particular for a few reasons: 

  • you've worked with me previously and in depth, so I know your commitment
  • the power of your story in particular, as one of uniqueness, richness, and depth
  • your gift for rendering life into words 

I've lead the last few clients through this process, and the results have been inspiring and remarkable, so I wanted to extend the invitation to you.

If you have not heard, I'm relocating to Florida in Spring, 2018, as a new beginning. Before then, there is much work to be done.  





You are at a place in life where you have reached a level of stability that allows for a retrospective look at your life. You've begun the process of radical healing, and understanding the vastness and complex nature of consciousness and flow. 


Most people who have been through some of what you have been through never find a way out. They're continually pushing against their oldest patterns and deepest wounds, and this binds their creative energy. You, on the other hand, have summoned the courage to look beyond the wounds, to your vision. And this is an invitation to the next layer of that. 


This is an ideal time to focus your efforts on creating a testament to your life thus far, as you proceed into the second or third act. 


I propose we spend the next 6 months, Jan - June, writing and polishing the Story of your Life. 


What I will Provide:


  • Private in-person Somatic Sessions, as needed, from January - March, to facilitate the process of unfolding
  • Ideas for launching your written work, delivered in person and via email
  • Anchoring in writing itself as a ritual practice, regardless of your schedule, for ensured momentum
  • Acknowledgement and celebration, coupled with constructive feedback on your writing and your story
  • The dramatic healing that arises out of this singular process
  • Virtual support and editing by me, via email and calls / video calls (as needed), April - June. 


What you'll come away with: 

  • A stronger connection to your authentic voice
  • An ability to fully own your story (to support in healing 'shame' patterns)
  • Greater understanding of the arc of your story, from a higher perspective
  • The catharsis and emotional processing that comes from looking deeply at your past
  • The connection that comes from sharing your truth
  • Improved writing skills and practices
  • A clearer perspective on your overarching life path
  • Clarity about your forward trajectory (the next chapter(s))
  • Pride in holding your completed manuscript; in willing to completion such an epic task... 

I can assure you that, as you embark on this journey, your life will be forever enriched, in as-of-yet unforseen ways. 


After it's written, then what? 


That's where the mind naturally goes. We'll start to get direction as your particular creation unfolds. I'll offer feedback based on what arises. This is primarily an act of healing and documentation, and I encourage you to begin it in that framework. It may become a manual for living more fully, or a biographical work, or literature. The first step is to open your heart and let the blood flow in ink. 'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.' Ernest Hemingway


As a few ideas: You can change the names of parties involve, and publish it as literature, or publish it as a memoir, or under a pseudonym, or simply print out a few copies share it with friends and family, or put it in a drawer for future use, or in a time capsule for someone to read in the future. 


What you choose to do with this work becomes an integral piece of the storyline. 


The journey of a thousand miles... 


We can all summon reasons for not beginning. However, creativity is a powerful act of manifestation, and once the wheels are set in motion, momentum gathers. I encourage you to set thought and rationality down and simply begin to let the words come alive... to dance with and within your own story. 


Prior clients who were arrested when it came to writing, soon became an outpouring of poetry and prose... the writing flows out of the breakthroughs, and the questions I'll ask you. 


You may choose to focus on a certain era or epoch of your life that was particularly meaningful, transformative, or bewildering. Or you may simply begin to catalogue life's climaxes. You may choose to write from the present tense and let your mind wander backwards through time, based on prompts, witnessing where consciousness and the body intelligence takes you. It will take you where you need to go.


Of course, we'll soon hone in on your strengths, and lean into those. But I'll also encourage you to summon up voices you've never written from before. You may already have a crystalline vision of where you want to begin. If not, what arises  during sessions will give invaluable clues, as we tune in and listen. I'll lend my ear to the listening, too, and send any ideas that arise. 


I'm only sending this to you and a few others, because I designed it for you. Your story is worth spending the next 6 months on. 


The Required Investment. 

  • $10,000 for the full 6 months (in payments). 
  • or 10% courtesy if paid up front, ($9,000)

Let me know your thoughts. 


I'm looking forward to supporting in your unfolding your story.